Vice by Diadem Review

Imagine a world where technology and sportsmanship collide, creating an unparalleled gameplay experience. Welcome to the realm of the Vice by Diadem, a beacon of innovation in the pickleball universe. This review delves deep into The Vice by Diadem’s groundbreaking features, dissecting its technological marvels and how they revolutionize the game. From its EVA foam core to its textured carbon fiber skin, we explore every facet that makes this paddle a standout choice. We will assess its playability, aesthetic appeal, durability, and value for cost, painting a comprehensive picture for pickleball enthusiasts and professionals alike. Prepare to be enthralled by a paddle that’s not just a piece of equipment but a testament to the pinnacle of sports engineering.

Overview and Specifications

Let’s dive into the specifications and features of the Vice by Diadem, a pickleball paddle that stands out in the crowd. This paddle is unique primarily because of its innovative design and advanced technology.

Here’s a breakdown of its key aspects:

EVA Foam Core: This provides more vibration dampening than the typical polymer honeycomb while maintaining sufficient pop.

RP2 Grit Coating: A patented texture applied on top of the carbon fiber face, allowing for adjustable grip and spin.

Core Molding System: This replaces traditional guards with compression-molded edging for seamless perimeter protection.

Vice by Diadem delivers a unique playing experience, focusing on dampening vibrations, enhancing grip and spin, and protecting the paddle’s edges. Its features make it a compelling choice for pickleball enthusiasts.

Playing Performance

When you take the Vice by Diadem onto the court, you’ll immediately notice its exceptional performance in terms of control, finesse, and customization.

The EVA foam core provides a buttery smooth feel, silencing vibration and allowing for precise finesse shots. Driven groundstrokes resonate with a satisfying pop, while the paddle maintains a stealth-like auditory signature.

Power shots are controlled and clean, with the ball ejecting without twisting the paddle face. The lightweight foam core ensures quick, precise shots, while the ability to customize grip and spin by roughing up the face coating lets you tailor the paddle to your style.

Design Aesthetics

You’ll be instantly drawn to the Vice by Diadem’s intricate and high-tech design that perfectly matches its advanced construction. Its angular faceting creates a vibrant crystalline effect that’ll catch anyone’s eye on the court.

  • Bold color fades:
    These transition seamlessly between the grip and face, adding an extra dose of stylish flair.
  • Seamless perimeter molding:
    This gives the paddle a futuristic, almost liquid metallic look, devoid of exterior guards.
  • Radiating Innovation:For players seeking visually stunning gear that matches groundbreaking performance, the Vice paddles are a perfect choice.

Analyzing the aesthetics of the Vice by Diadem, it’s clear that both form and function are intertwined, with each design element enhancing the overall playing experience.


In assessing the durability of the Vice by Diadem, you’ll find that it’s built to withstand rigorous gameplay without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

The proprietary edging and carbon fiber faceting remain seamlessly bonded, showing no signs of separation or fracturing.

The EVA foam core retains its lively responsiveness and plush feel even after weeks of heavy use. You’ll notice no dead spots or abrasions on the carbon hitting surface or grip.

Even when stored in its protective case, the paddle’s cutting-edge construction proves surprisingly robust.

Although it’s still early to draw long-term conclusions, the Vice seems to have matched innovation with durability. Only time will tell if these pioneering technologies hold up over the long haul.

Value and Cost

If you’re looking to shell out for the Vice by Diadem, it’s essential to weigh up the paddle’s high-end performance against its premium price tag. With an MSRP around $179, it might give frugal buyers a moment of pause. But, consider this:

– The Vice Collection offers unparalleled performance. It takes pickleball to new heights, eclipsing competitors.
– Precision: The Vice paddles’ exotic construction ensures optimal control and pinpoint accuracy.
– Customization: Innovative features like the EVA Foam Core and RP2 Grit Coating allow you to fine-tune your game.

Yes, it’s a sizable investment. But remember, Diadem’s meticulous craftsmanship justifies the cost. If you’re after the pinnacle of pickleball experience, the Vice offers compelling value, despite the premium price.


  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with an EVA foam core and RP2 Grit Coating, the Vice by Diadem offers superior control and customization for both power and finesse shots.
  • Innovative Design: The unique perimeter molding and textured surface provide enhanced grip and spin, setting it apart from traditional paddles.
  • Durability and Aesthetics: Despite its high-tech construction, the paddle maintains robust quality and a striking aesthetic, ensuring longevity and style in gameplay.
  • Lightweight and Agile: The paddle’s lightweight design allows for quick, precise shots, making it a game-changer for fast-paced play.


  • High Cost: The Vice by Diadem’s advanced technology leads to a higher price, making it more suitable for professional players and possibly out of reach for budget-conscious recreational players.
  • Innovation Overload: The radical design innovations may not resonate with players who prefer traditional paddle styles, possibly limiting its appeal among conventional players.
  • Pending Approval and Limited Variety: Still awaiting approval for sanctioned tournament play, and the high cost could restrict players to purchasing only one paddle, affecting variety in play styles.
  • Targeted Audience: The Vice by Diadem, with its advanced features and price point, may not cater to beginners or those new to pickleball, limiting its market reach.


In conclusion, the Vice by Diadem is not just a pickleball paddle; it’s a symphony of advanced technology and artful design. Its exquisite blend of performance, aesthetic allure, and enduring construction sets a new benchmark in the sport. While its premium price tag might give pause, it reflects the paddle’s unique value proposition – superior playability, customization options, and eye-catching design. This review has peeled back the layers of the Vice by Diadem, revealing a product that goes beyond mere functionality to elevate the pickleball experience. For those committed to the game and seeking the best gear, the Vice by Diadem emerges not just as a choice but an investment in unparalleled sporting excellence.