Joola Vs Selkirk Pickleball Paddle

Can’t decide between Joola and Selkirk? Don’t fret! This article will compare these top brands, looking at their product lineup, technology, and models.

We’ll delve into the unique features of both, helping you understand what sets them apart. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll walk away with a clear picture of which paddle suits your game best.

Let’s get started!

Joola Paddle Lineup

You might’ve noticed the various versions in Joola’s paddle lineup, each with unique attributes catering to different playing styles.

From the aggressive Hyperion Ben Johns series to the beginner-friendly Essentials range, there’s much to consider.

Let’s kickstart a discussion on these different versions, and explore what each one brings to the table.

Different versions explained

Let’s dive into the different versions of the Joola paddle lineup, each offering unique characteristics due to their specific surface and core compositions.

The Carbon Touch Surface (CTS) paddle, with its smooth carbon fiber surface, prioritizes feel and control.

The Carbon Grip Surface (CGS) paddle utilizes Carbon-Flex3 texture for durable spin generation.

Looking for power and heavy spin? The Fiberglass Abrasion Surface (FAS) paddle’s high grit texture does just that.

The Carbon Abrasion Surface (CAS) paddle combines touch and high grit texture for balanced performance.

Finally, the Carbon Friction Surface (CFS) paddle offers a premium Carbon-Flex5 texture for maximum spin and excellent feel.

Understanding these versions will help you select the best Joola paddle for your game.

Joola Paddle Technologies

You’re probably curious about what makes Joola paddles stand out. It’s their unique technologies, such as the Core Technologies, Hyperfoam Edge Wall, CX Forged Handle, Aero-Curve Design, and Hybrid-Ply Technology.

Let’s start exploring these innovations, how they impact your game, and why they might make Joola the right choice for you.

Core Technologies

You might be interested in Joola’s innovative paddle technologies.

Joola offers two paddle technologies: the Reactive Core and the Response Core.

The Reactive Core technology is designed to enhance your game with its exceptional speed and spin capabilities.

On the other hand, the Response Core technology focuses on control and precision.

It allows for improved accuracy in your shots.

1. Reactive Core

During your gameplay, you’ll notice the Reactive Core technology in the Joola paddle significantly reduces vibration and increases reliability across the entire face of the paddle.

This specialized polypropylene honeycomb core is designed for high-level players. It guarantees consistent rebound and a solid, yet comfortable feel.

It’s a feature that sets Joola apart in the pickleball paddle market.

2. Response Core

In your quest for the perfect pickleball paddle, you’ll appreciate the Response Core technology in Joola paddles. Joola offers the Hyperion Ben Johns and the Radius CGS 16.

However, you might also want to check out other brands like Selkirk for comparison. Selkirk provides the Solaire FAS 13 and the Vision in all versions.

Both Joola and Selkirk paddles offer durability and a long lifespan, making them worth considering for your pickleball needs.

Hyperfoam Edge Wall

Why haven’t you tried the Hyperfoam Edge Wall technology on the Joola paddle yet? This innovative feature is a game-changer in the world of pickleball paddles. It’s a specialized foam that’s injected around the edge of the paddle. This addition not only adds weight but also stability to enhance the sweet spot consistency from edge to edge.

The Hyperfoam Edge Wall gives the paddle a solid and comfortable feel around the entire surface. It’s not just about comfort though. This technology also provides a consistent rebound during play. That means your game gets a boost with every shot.

The Hyperion Ben Johns CFS 16 and Solaire CFS 14 are examples of paddles that utilize this cutting-edge technology. So, are you ready to give it a shot?

CX Forged Handle

You’ve likely not yet experienced the CX Forged Handle on the Joola paddles, surprisingly, but it could significantly improve your comfort and power during gameplay. This unique handle, crafted with carbon-forged technology, offers a remarkable flex that enhances both control and power.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • CX Forged Handle:
  • Benefits:
  • More comfort: The handle conforms to your grip, reducing strain and fatigue during long games.
  • Increased power: The extra flex allows for a more powerful swing without sacrificing control.
  • Models featuring it:
  • Hyperion Ben Johns CFS 16: Known for its superb balance and control.
  • Solaire CFS 14: Renowned for its lightweight construction and power.

In the Joola Vs Selkirk paddle debate, the CX Forged Handle might be the game-changer for Joola.

Aero-Curve Design

With the Aero-Curve Design on Joola paddles, you’re getting less drag and a faster swing due to the rounded top edge. This unique shape, exclusive to Joola, gives you an edge in your pickleball games by enhancing your paddle’s aerodynamics. It’s featured on various models, including the Hyperion Ben Johns, Radius, Solaire, and Vision.

Let’s compare this to Selkirk paddles, which embody a more traditional design. While Selkirk’s craftsmanship is commendable, they don’t offer a similar aerodynamic enhancement. This difference could impact your game’s speed and fluidity, especially in fast-paced matches.

Hybrid-Ply Technology

In the realm of Hybrid-Ply Technology, you’re experiencing an exceptional blend of control and feel, but it’s important to note that this unique tech is found only in select Joola models. This strategic multi-layering process combines multiple composite materials to create high-performing paddles. It’s a crucial factor in the ongoing Joola Vs Selkirk pickleball paddle discussion.

  • Hybrid-Ply Technology in Joola models:
  • Hyperion Ben Johns (All models)
  • Solaire FAS 13
  • Essentials (All models)
  • Versus Selkirk models without this technology.

While Selkirk doesn’t offer Hybrid-Ply Technology, they’ve their own unique features. So, your choice should be based on your personal play style and preferences. Remember, each brand has its strengths and unique selling points. Make an informed decision, and you’ll enhance your pickleball experience.

Edge-Shield Protection

Don’t overlook the Edge-Shield Protection feature when you’re sizing up Joola paddles, as it adds on significant durability and surface protection. This enhanced edge guard fortifies the paddle core, increasing its solidity and resilience. It provides a protective shield that keeps the surface safe from wear and abrasions, prolonging the life of your paddle.

In comparison to Selkirk, this feature sets Joola apart. While Selkirk paddles are renowned for their quality, they lack this specific edge protection. This means that, over time, a Joola paddle may withstand the rigors of the game better.

However, remember that the best paddle for you largely depends on your play style, preferences, and comfort. So, while the Edge-Shield Protection is a great feature, it’s just one factor to consider in your decision.

Sure-Grip Handle

You’ll appreciate the sure-grip handle on every Joola paddle for its superior control and comfort, but remember, it’s just one feature to consider among many. When comparing Joola to Selkirk pickleball paddles, it’s critical to look at the full range of features each paddle offers.

  • Joola Paddles
  • Sure-Grip Handle: Provides excellent shock absorption, enhancing your control and comfort during play.
  • Handle Length: Varies depending on the model, with the Essentials line offering a 4.75 inch handle length.
  • Selkirk Paddles
  • Handle features and lengths may vary, and are dependent on the specific Selkirk model.

While Joola’s sure-grip handle is a standout feature, it’s essential to remember that the best paddle for you depends on your personal preferences and playing style.

SelKirk Models

You might want to consider the various Selkirk models, each offering unique features.

For instance, the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air, known for its superior power and control, contrasts with the lightweight design of the Selkirk Amped.

Meanwhile, the Selkirk SLK and the Vanguard 2.0 offer a blend of performance and durability, making them suitable for players of all skill levels.

Selkirk Vanguard Power Air

It’s clear that the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air’s aerodynamic hole significantly enhances your swing speed during a game. This edgeless, premium paddle seamlessly merges high performance power with maximum spin. You’ll appreciate its high durability, thanks to a polymer honeycomb core.

The Power Air offers:

  • An aerodynamic hole:
  • Improves swing speed
  • Enhances overall performance
  • Premium, edgeless design:
  • Maximizes power
  • Increases spin potential

This paddle is especially durable due to its unique features:

  • Polymer honeycomb core:
  • Offers exceptional durability
  • Provides consistent, reliable play

Selkirk Vanguard 2.0

The Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 is your go-to paddle for optimal spin and shot consistency, and its durable surface outlasts previous models. Its carbon fiber face and pro-spin texture are specifically designed to enhance your playing experience. This technology is woven into the paddle itself to maximize the sweet spot, giving you a better shot consistency that you’ll notice immediately.

What sets the Vanguard 2.0 apart is its Gen2 durable surface. It offers a resistance level that’s superior to its predecessors, making it an ideal choice if you’re a player seeking a long-lasting, spin-focused paddle.

Selkirk Amped

In your search for a perfect paddle, don’t overlook Selkirk’s Amped series which offers several models, each with a unique set of features to suit various play styles. This high-quality series is known for its terrific spin and enhanced control, thanks to the fiberglass face. The durable polypropylene honeycomb technology gives you more power than many other paddles on the market.

Selkirk’s Amped paddles are designed to be lightweight and durable, providing you with a well-balanced paddle. If you’re looking for a powerful yet accurate paddle, this is a great choice.

The Amped series features:

  • Fiberglass face that enhances:
  • Terrific spin
  • Enhanced control
  • Polypropylene honeycomb technology for:
  • Durable design
  • More power

Explore the Amped series and find your perfect paddle match.

Selkirk SLK

You’ll find a multitude of options in the Selkirk SLK line, each designed with unique features to suit your playing style. The SLK paddles boast Selkirk’s innovative technology, providing a large sweet spot along with power and control. Initially designed for beginners, some pro level players have even opted for this affordable yet high-performing line.

From various paddle shapes, styles, and sizes to a spectrum of fun colors, the SLK line has something for everyone. Also, don’t miss out on the latest SLK EVO 2.0 paddles. These include power, control, and hybrid models in Max (largest surface area) and XL (extended length) versions.

Selkirk Paddle Shapes

You’ve got an assortment of Selkirk paddle shapes to choose from, each tailored to a different style of play.

Consider the Invikta, Epic, S2, or Mach 6, as each offers unique performance characteristics.

It’s all about finding what shape best complements your game.


By choosing the Invikta, you’re embracing an elongated shape designed for improved reach and consistency in your pickleball games. This shape, available in the Vanguard Power Air, Vanguard 2.0, and Amped series, is a game-changer.

The Invikta combines the power of an oversized paddle with the maneuverability of a standard-size paddle, providing a unique blend of features:

  • Vanguard Power Air:
  • Provides excellent power and spin.
  • Maintains control and accuracy.
  • Vanguard 2.0:
  • Delivers balanced performance.
  • Ensures increased shot-making options.
  • Amped series:
  • Offers maximum power and speed.
  • Enhances ball control and touch.

In essence, the Invikta gives you an edge in your pickleball games, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, ensuring you perform at your best.


When you pick the Epic, you’re opting for a classic pickleball paddle shape and you’ll appreciate its maximum surface area. This traditional design offers a perfect starting point if you’re unsure about your preferred paddle shape. The Epic is versatile, providing a long handle for better reach and control.

Available in the Vanguard Power Air, Vanguard 2.0, and Amped series, the Epic offers choices to suit various preferences and playing styles. Whether you’re after power, precision, or balance, there’s an Epic for you. Each series provides unique features, further enhancing your gameplay.


You’re looking at the S2 now, and it’s clear that its large face and slightly shorter handle offer a unique balance of consistency and reach. Ideal for players who value precision and control, the S2 is available in different series, each with its own unique features.

  • Vanguard Power Air
  • Designed for power and speed
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Vanguard 2.0
  • Offers more control
  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced players
  • Amped series
  • Maximizes sweet spot
  • Durable and consistent performance

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, the S2 can be a game-changer. Its large face size and shorter handle make it a great choice for those seeking a balance of power and control in their pickleball play.

Mach 6

You’ve got large hands or prefer a two-handed grip, and the Mach 6 with its longest handle might just be the perfect pickleball paddle for you.

The Mach 6, part of Selkirk’s Vanguard 2.0 series, features the unique Invikta shape. This gives you a slightly shorter face, but compensates with an extended handle, the longest Selkirk makes. You’ll find this advantageous when you need that extra reach on the court.

The more extended grip also offers comfort and control, reducing the chances of accidental slips or awkward shots. Whether you’re a seasoned pickleball player or just starting out, the Mach 6 could be your ultimate game-changer, leveling up your control and improving your performance.

It’s not just about the size of the paddle, it’s how you use it. With the Mach 6, you’re already a step ahead.

Comparing Joola vs Selkirk

In comparing Joola to Selkirk, you’ll find that there are three main factors to consider: control, power, and durability.

  • Control: Joola provides greater control, ideal for precise shots and resetting the game.
  • Power: Selkirk shines here. It’s perfect for powerful shots and a fast-paced net game.
  • Durability: Both are durable, but Selkirk offers two significant advantages:
  • It supports US manufacturing.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty. However, remember that the grit wearing off isn’t covered anymore.

Your choice depends on your style. If you prefer a third shot drive to set up an easier fifth shot, Selkirk might be the one for you. So, weigh these factors and choose the paddle that best suits your game.


In wrapping up, both Joola and Selkirk offer top-notch pickleball paddles, each with their own unique features. Joola excels in innovative technologies while Selkirk shines with diverse paddle shapes and models.

Your choice boils down to personal preferences and playing style. Try both and see which one amps up your game.

Remember, the best paddle isn’t necessarily the priciest one, but the one that feels right in your hands.