Best Pickleball Paddle for Power

Unleashing Power in Pickleball: A Game Changer

Pickleball is making a noteworthy mark in the sporting world, captivating athletes and competitive players alike. These enthusiastic athletes, combined with the technological advancements of pickleball equipment introduce a new level of intensity in the game. Powerful drives, swift counters, and effective ‘put-away’ shots are becoming the norm in this rapidly growing sport.

While generating power is vital, controlling this power is equally crucial. Knowing the nuances of power paddles will help you select the right tool to enhance your game. We’ve compiled a list and description of the best power pickleball paddles available, to harness your full potential on the court.

Power Paddles Explained: Plow vs Pop

Before we delve into our list of top-rated power paddles, let’s clarify some essential terms that revolve around these power paddles.

Plow Through – Paddles with higher swingweights lose less momentum upon impact, transferring more energy into the ball (plow) while maintaining a stable paddle face. The swingweight of a paddle is a good initial indicator of its power potential.

Pop – The face, core, and structure properties of a paddle affect the compression and rebound of the ball on contact.

Paddles that offer greater “pop” have higher compression and a quicker rebound, which results in increased ball velocity and enhanced spin.

Understanding these two concepts will allow you to find the ideal power paddle for your individual playstyle.

Improving your game isn’t just about buying a bigger, heavier paddle, or trying to improve your technique without upgrading your equipment. It’s about choosing the right paddle that aids in hitting harder shots, winning more games and enhancing your overall game.

Let the power be with you, and transform your game with a power pickleball paddle.

Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta

Are you a pickleball player craving a change in your game? The VANGUARD Power Air Invikta is just what you need. This pickleball paddle is a game-changer, offering both power and precision to athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Outfitted with Selkirk’s cutting-edge Aero-DuraEdge Technology and Air Dynamic Throat, this paddle maximizes your swing speed, offering unrivaled power.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with your current paddle or dealing with damaged ones, the Invikta’s elongated shape and comfortable 5-1/4″ handle, wrapped in Selkirk’s popular Geo Grip, provide a firm, comfortable hold for one or two-handed shots. A noticeable increase in your reach on the court is guaranteed with this paddle’s impressive dimensions, measuring 16-1/2″ in length and 7-3/8″ wide.

The Invikta is specially designed to cater to your primary goal of improving your pickleball skills and increasing power in your game. Its unique blend of carbon fiber and Fiberflex features provide ultimate control, giving your shots added power. With this paddle, you’re no longer merely relying on your natural ability. Instead, you’re embracing new technology to give you an edge over your opponents.

If you’ve been hesitant about switching to a new paddle or spending money on a new one, the durability and reliability of the Invikta will change your mind. Its edgeless design, however, may be prone to chipping, so an edge guard tape is recommended.

Don’t let the fear of losing matches or not reaching your full potential stop you. With the Invikta, you can elevate your overall performance and dominate the court.  Take your pickleball game to a new powerful and confident level.


  • Experience Unprecedented Power: The Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air Invikta paddle is designed for the pickleball players who won’t settle for less than top-tier performance. Its construction prioritizes aggressive gameplay, equipping you with a power-packed tool on the court.
  • Amplified Spin: With Selkirk’s groundbreaking ProSpin+ NextGen Texture, this paddle empowers athletes to generate unbeatable top spin and cut shots, taking your offense game to a new level.
  • Extended Court Coverage: The elongated design of the Power Air Paddle provides exceptional reach, enabling you to cover larger areas of the court and effortlessly return challenging shots.
  • Innovation at its Best: The revolutionary mix of carbon fiber and Fiberflex fiberglass in the paddle’s construction offers an optimal fusion of control and power, raising your game’s standards.
  • Comfort Meets Performance: Boasting a 5-1/4″ handle wrapped with Selkirk’s unparalleled Geo Grip, the Power Air Invikta promises a comfortable and secure hold, enabling flawless one-handed and two-handed shots.


  • Edgeless Design Risks: The complete edgeless design may be susceptible to chipping if it contacts the court surface, necessitating extra maintenance like using protective tape.
  • Stricter Accuracy Required: The paddle’s design, focused on power and spin, may offer less forgiveness, posing a challenge for beginner players or those who favor a more balanced gameplay.

ProKennex Black Ace XF

The Kinetic Black Ace XF is the ultimate pickleball paddle for seasoned athletes and recreational players alike. Its elongated shape is a game-changer, providing exceptional reach and added power to your shots. This is made possible by its polypropylene honeycomb core and textured Toray carbon fiber face, designed to add spin to your strikes and limit harmful vibrations.

With its 16.4″ overall length and 7.5″ width, the Black Ace XF stands out from the crowd. It provides you with the leverage you need for powerful overhead slams, helping you dominate the court. You’ll also appreciate its reach when returning shots that were previously out of your grasp.

What’s more, the paddle features a high tack thin grip, improving your handling and focus during intense games. No more constant adjustments due to sweaty hands, as this grip ensures consistent and comfortable handling.

The Kinetic Black Ace XF Paddle is your ticket to enhancing your pickleball skills. Its blend of power, reach, and control is perfect for those aspiring to play at a higher level, whether in local tournaments or friendly matches.

Note: Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″

No need to settle for inconsistent or low-quality paddles anymore. Cast aside the false belief that physical strength alone can compensate for a subpar paddle. With the Kinetic Black Ace XF, you’ll have the power and spin you need, all while reducing the risk of injuries from repetitive impacts. Upgrade your pickleball game today with unmatched performance and quality.


  • Heightened Power and Reach: The unique elongated shape of the Black Ace XF provides pickleball players with enhanced reach and power. It’s a game-changer for those hard-to-hit shots and aggressive overhead slams, completely redefining the court boundaries.
  • Superior Materials and Design: The Black Ace XF paddle incorporates a sturdy polypropylene honeycomb core and a textured Toray carbon fiber face. This combination not only aids in executing spinning shots but also reduces harmful vibrations that can cause injury, offering the best of both durability and performance.
  • Optimized Grip and Control: Say goodbye to constant grip adjustments during the game. The Black Ace XF’s high tack thin grip ensures a consistent and comfortable grip throughout the game, allowing you to maintain control, even during the most intense matches.
  • Versatility for All Players: No matter if you’re a professional player or just playing pickleball for fun, the Kinetic Black Ace XF is built to level up your game. Its impressive reach, power, and control make it an ideal choice for players of various skill levels and playing styles.


  • Unfamiliar Size and Weight: With a length of 16.4″ and width of 7.5″, the elongated shape of the Black Ace XF might feel unfamiliar or uneven to players used to traditional paddle shapes. This could affect the maneuverability and precision of the paddle, particularly for beginners.
  • Inconsistency in Grip Size: The paddle’s grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″. This inconsistency could affect the comfort and overall control of the paddle for some players.
  • Limited Design Appeal: While the advanced features of the Black Ace XF can significantly improve many players’ games, its specialized design may not be universally appealing. Players accustomed to a more traditional paddle design might find the features of the Black Ace XF less advantageous.

JOOLA Perseus CFS 14

Step up your game on the court with the JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 14, a pickleball paddle designed for true pickleball enthusiasts. Collaboratively designed with Ben Johns, the #1 pickleball player in the world, this paddle pushes the boundaries of sports technology.

On this paddle, control meets raw power: a Carbon Friction surface guarantees impressive spin, turning each hit into a display of unparalleled skill. But that’s not all. Equipped with Charged Carbon technology, every strike you make is imbued with power and precision, transforming your gameplay into a masterclass performance.

The sweet spot isn’t just a point – it spans the entire surface, thanks to the optimized shape that enhances your hitting feel and performance. And what about durability? With a carbon-framed design, this paddle is built to last, ready to withstand intense matches and long training sessions. Say goodbye to generic paddles and hello to long-lasting superior performance with the Perseus CFS 14.


  • Charged Carbon Technology: Enhances the paddle’s durability and power, offering you impressive spin and precision in every shot, perfect for dominating the pickleball court.
  • Reactive Honeycomb Core: Designed for competitive play, delivering a consistent playing experience game after game with its predictable bounce and responsive feel.
  • Increased Sweet Spot: The optimized paddle shape expands the sweet spot, enhancing your hitting feel and overall performance on the pickleball court.
  • Hyperfoam Edge Wall and Feel-Tec Pure: Provides an enhanced grip and shock absorption, increasing stability and ensuring maximum comfort while playing.


  • Advanced Performance Features: The advanced features like charged carbon technology, larger sweet spot, and a reactive honeycomb core may be too complex for beginners to fully utilize as they are specially designed for experienced pickleball players.
  • Premium Pricing: The top-notch materials and state-of-the-art technology used in the Perseus CFS 14 Paddle come with a higher price point, which might not be within the budget of all pickleball enthusiasts.
  • Particular Grip Sensation: The Feel-Tec Pure grip, while providing superior control and shock absorption, might need some getting used to for athletes who are accustomed to the feel of generic paddles.

Diadem Icon V2 XL

 Every pickleball player knows the difference the right paddle can make. Introducing the Diadem Icon V2 Carbon Fiber Paddle, a true game-changer in paddle sports. Redesigned with ground-breaking technology, the Icon V2 enhances the classic Icon V1, offering unparalleled control and power when you need it most.

The secret to its performance lies in Diadem’s innovative 3XL core, a feature that made its debut in the much-loved Warrior Paddle. This 13.7mm (0.539″) thick core includes a unique dampening layer nestled between two PP honeycomb pieces, offering a soft, controllable feel without compromising on power. It’s the ultimate weapon for power players that struggle with arm strain and discomfort during intense matches.

The Icon V2 retains its high-quality Japanese carbon fiber face material, now updated with an RP2 coating. The added texture grips the ball for longer, helping you execute precise spin shots and controlled yet powerful drives. This is particularly crucial for pickleball players who are unsatisfied with the lack of control and power their current paddle provides.

This paddle’s molded edge expands the sweet spot across the 10.75″ by 7.6″ surface, amplifying your chances of hitting the perfect shot every time. To protect your paddle and prolong its life, the Icon V2 includes a replaceable edge guard, ensuring your paddle maintains its sleek and stylish design throughout the tournament season.

The Icon V2 Carbon Fiber Paddle is complete with a 5.25″ handle adorned with a Diadem Comfort Max grip. This ensures you can comfortably wield the 8oz paddle, resisting uncomfortable vibrations and delivering game-winning slams with ease. Say goodbye to unstable paddles that don’t meet your needs and hello to the improved performance with Diadem’s Icon V2 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle.

Whether you’re a competitive player gunning for victory or an athlete who simply wants to enjoy a game, this paddle is your ticket to dominating on the court. Experience power, control, and comfort like never before with the Diadem Icon V2 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle.



  • Unmatched Power and Control: The Diadem Icon V2 provides athletes with the ultimate in power and control, thanks to its high-grade Japanese-sourced carbon fiber face and innovative 3XL core. The unique dampening layer minimizes arm strain and discomfort during play, enabling players to perform at their best on the court.
  • Enhanced Spin and Durability: Designed with the competitive player in mind, the Icon V2’s RP2 Technology provides a textured surface that grips the ball for longer, facilitating precise spin shots and powerful drives. The sleek and protective replaceable edge guard ensures the paddle’s longevity while maintaining its stylish design.
  • Increased Stability: The Icon V2 employs the FS System Technology to ensure stability and a larger sweet spot. This technology increases your chances of hitting perfect shots, helping you to dominate on the court.
  • Comfortable Design: The large handle fitted with a Diadem Comfort Max grip makes the 8oz paddle comfortable to handle, reducing vibration and discomfort and facilitating a powerful and controlled play.


  • Weight and Maneuverability: Weighing in at 8oz, the Icon V2 might be heavier than what some athletes are accustomed to, potentially affecting maneuverability and speed during heated matches.
  • Price Considerations: The Icon V2 comes packed with advanced features and high-quality materials, but it also carries a premium price tag. This could be a deterrent for casual players or competitive athletes on a tight budget.
  • Tailored Player Fit: While the Icon V2 offers significant advantages in terms of power and control, its specific design and features might not cater to every player’s style or preferences. Athletes with different preferences in paddle texture, core composition, or balance might find it less beneficial for their gameplay.

Gearbox CX11E Power

The Gearbox CX11E Elongated Power Pickleball Paddle is designed with the needs of pickleball enthusiasts in mind. Its Solid Span Technology (SST) core provides a dynamic and responsive feel for every shot. This technology is comprised of T-700 graphite chambers, meticulously arranged by hand to ensure maximum pop and touch with reduced swing effort. The paddle’s core won’t delaminate like other options, preventing the creation of dead spots and guaranteeing remarkable consistency over time. With an extended 16-5/8″ face, this paddle allows players to excel both in defense and spin shots across the court.

The Gearbox CX11E Power Paddle boasts a handle length of 5-5/8″, longer than the average, providing room for powerful double-handed backhands. Players can choose between grip circumferences of 3-5/8″ or 3-15/16″ for extra padding. Weighing 7.8 oz. in blue and 8.5 oz. in green, this paddle can cater to individual player preferences. Despite its elongated design, its slender 11 mm core keeps it easy to handle and ensures quick reactions during net play.

If you’re a pickleball enthusiast seeking heightened strength and precision with minimal effort, the Gearbox CX11E Elongated Power Pickleball Paddle is your ideal gear choice.

Please note that actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″.


  • Solid Span Technology for Superior Games: The core of the Gearbox CX11E Pickleball Paddle is laced with Solid Span Technology (SST) and T-700 graphite chambers. These technological advancements create a dynamic, responsive playing experience, giving you unrivaled control and power in every shot.
  • Built to Last: Unlike regular paddles that may fall victim to dead spots and delamination, the Gearbox CX11E stands the test of time. Its durable build ensures consistent performance and a long-lasting playing experience without compromising on quality.
  • Greater Reach and Versatility: The 16-5/8″ face length of the paddle provides an extended reach, making defensive and spin shots across the court a breeze. This added advantage gives you the edge you need to dominate every corner of the court.
  • Grip and Weight Catered To You: With two grip sizes and variable weights (7.8 oz. in blue and 8.5 oz. in green), you can tailor the Gearbox CX11E to your specific style of play, bringing comfort and personalization into every g


  • Handling Might Be a Challenge for Some: While the slim 11 mm core and extended design offer quick reaction times, it may take some getting used to for players more accustomed to traditional paddle shapes, especially in fast-paced games.
  • Limited Weight Options: Although there are two weight options available, the choices are relatively close together (7.8 oz. and 8.5 oz.). Players who prefer a much lighter or heavier paddle might need to look elsewhere.
  • Potential Grip Size Inconsistencies: While there are two grip sizes available, the actual sizes may vary by up to 1/8″. This slight variation may not suit players who require a very precise grip size for maximum comfort and control.

Paddletek Bantam ALW-C 14.3mm

Co-designed with the world’s #1 female pro pickleball player Anna Leigh Waters, the Paddletek Bantam ALW-C 14.3mm pickleball paddle is a game changer. This paddle gives athletes and sports enthusiasts a perfect blend of control, spin and power, allowing you to dominate on the court and win tournaments. The state-of-the-art 14.3mm (0.563″) thick Bantam Polymer Honeycomb core lets you make precise shots, keeping your opponents on their toes. Its traditional 15-5/8″ length, 7-3/4″ width and 5″ handle give you a comfortable, personalized playing experience.

The Bantam ALW Carbon 14.3mm paddle is not only control-centric but also highly maneuverable and lightweight, weighing in at just 7.7 ounces. What’s more, Paddletek offers two grip thickness options for this paddle, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every player’s style. The premium PT-700 Unidirectional RAW Carbon Fiber hitting surface enables you to deliver powerful cuts and slices, something only the best pickleball paddles can offer. This paddle uses the natural texture of carbon fiber, enabling you to control and spin the ball to your advantage with ease. Whether you are dropping third shots, blocking drives or in a dinking session, the ALW-C paddle gives you the confidence and power to perform at your best.


  • Improved Game Performance: The special Bantam Polymer Honeycomb core at 14.3mm thickness is perfect for pickleball players who want to improve their game by ensuring precise and controlled shots. This core technology offers a significant advantage for those who use placement and finesse as their key strategies.
  • Lightweight for Quick Reactions: This paddle, weighing at a mere 7.7 ounces, is designed for pickleball players who appreciate quick movements and prompt reactions during high-intensity matches. Its light weight contributes significantly to its easy maneuverability.
  • Tailored Grip for Comfort: With the availability of two grip thickness choices, this paddle is perfect for athletes who prefer personalized comfort in their game equipment. This feature ensures a custom fit for players with varying hand sizes and playing styles.
  • Power and Spin for the Competitive Edge: The PT-700 Unidirectional RAW Carbon Fiber surface is not just engineered for power; it’s also designed to add spin to the ball. This is an attractive feature for sports enthusiasts who look for that extra edge in their shots, troubling opponents with unpredictable returns.


  • Tricky for Novices: The advanced features that this paddle offers, such as the carbon fiber surface for spin control, may present a steep learning curve for beginners who are new to such intricate aspects of pickleball.
  • Balance of Power and Control: While this paddle provides an excellent blend of control, spin, and power, pickleball players who favor power-centric paddles might find the balance a little off.
  • Higher Price Point: Given the specialized features and its co-design with a pro player, this paddle comes with a premium price tag. This might be a concern for individuals on a budget or those who are not ready to invest heavily in their pickleball gear yet.

ONIX Evoke Premier

The Evoke Premier Composite Paddle, a masterpiece developed in conjunction with pickleball pros Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright, is specifically designed to elevate your pickleball game to the next level. This paddle possesses a unique face coating that absorbs shock, reduces its impact on your arm and, at the same time, ensures an immediate ball response. The innovative Atomic13 Edge technology gives you a slim and robust edge guard aimed at minimizing shock and increasing your swing speed and power.

The Evoke Premier Composite Paddle is available in three different weight options: lightweight (7.5 – 7.8 oz), standard weight (7.8 – 8.2 oz), and heavyweight (8.2 – 8.5 oz). This versatility allows you to pick a weight that suits your style, whether you prefer more speed at the net or a stronger punch during the match. The design of the paddle’s face shape allows for extra reach in your swings, and its 8″ width combined with a sizable sweet spot is guaranteed to give your hits an improved power.

ONIX’s logo and the paddle’s name are artfully displayed in the center of the face against a logo pattern in the background. The Evoke Premier Composite Paddle not only provides you with unmatched power but also instills precision and control, making it a reliable asset in any pickleball match. Please note that actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″.
Make the smart choice and let the Evoke Premier Paddle be your partner on the court, ensuring you dominate your game, just like the pros.


  • Increased Power and Precision: Featuring the cutting-edge Atomic13 Edge Technology, the Evoke Premier paddle takes your pickleball game to the next level. Its unique edge guard disperses shock, resulting in greater power and faster swing speed. This technology enhances your performance on the court, making it an ideal choice for players aiming to dominate the game.
  • Tailored to Your Unique Style: The Evoke Premier paddle is available in three distinct weights (light, medium, and heavy), accommodating an array of playing styles and strengths. This adaptability ensures that players can select a paddle which complements their unique style, balancing speed, power, and control as needed.
  • Endorsed by Pickleball Champions: The Evoke Premier paddle is co-developed by Pickleball National Champions Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova. This means the paddle doesn’t just benefit from professional insights; it’s also trusted by top players in the game. This endorsement provides a sense of credibility and assurance that the paddle can hold up to even the most intense matches.
  • Absolute Control and Accuracy: The paddle’s DF Composite face gives a consistent, minimal coating that softens the impact of the ball without sacrificing any spin or pop. Along with the precision cut polypropylene core, players can enjoy a paddle that delivers remarkable power and touch, allowing for absolute control during play.


  • Adaptation Required for Novices: While the advanced features and design make the Evoke Premier paddle a standout for experienced players, beginners may find there’s a learning curve. The enhanced power and speed could take some getting used to, especially in terms of control.
  • Design May Not Suit All Players: The professional design is a significant advantage, but it may not be a perfect fit for everyone. Players with different styles might not find the paddle’s features as beneficial if they don’t align with their particular preferences.
  • Higher Cost: As the Evoke Premier paddle is packed with state-of-the-art features and an endorsement from professional players, it may be priced higher than standard models. This could limit its appeal to players on a budget or those hesitant to invest a significant amount in their gear.


In conclusion, finding the perfect power paddle is a journey towards mastering pickleball. These Power Pickleball Paddles, with their unique features, are designed to enhance your gameplay. Whether you’re an enthusiast, a competitive player, or an athletic performer, this paddle is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of playing styles and preferences.

Remember, choosing the right paddle has a significant impact on your performance. It goes beyond the material or design; it’s about how the paddle feels in your hand, responds to your swing, and most importantly, amplifies your power. From amateurs to seasoned athletes, every player can find a paddle that not only compliments but elevates their game.

Investing in the right paddle can reshape your pickleball experience, turning every match into an opportunity to showcase your increased power and improved consistency. Say goodbye to weak shots and fatigue from over-exertion and step onto the court with newfound confidence. With the right equipment from Power Pickleball, your potential is limitless. Get ready to hit harder shots, win more games, and generally up your game. Let the game begin!