Selkirk Paddle Reviews

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If you’re in the pickleball arena, you know the drill: the right paddle is like your dance partner in a tango – it leads, you follow, and together, you create magic on the court. Enter Selkirk, a brand that’s fast becoming the talk of the town in the pickleball community. They’re not just making paddles; they’re engineering victories. Selkirk is the maestro, crafting instruments that cater to every playing style and skill level, from the enthusiastic beginner to the battle-hardened pro. This isn’t just about paddles; it’s about finding your perfect match, your court companion.

In this deep dive, we’re not just reviewing paddles; we’re exploring legends. The Selkirk Luxx, the Amped, and the intriguing Project 006 – each has a story, a unique identity that could very well align with yours. We’ll sift through their features, weigh the pros and cons, and really get under the skin of what makes these paddles tick. Whether you’re looking to elevate your game or just starting to find your groove, stick around. Selkirk might just have the paddle that turns your game from ‘meh’ to ‘marvelous’. So, let’s get ready to unravel the mystery behind Selkirk’s rising fame in the world of pickleball.

Selkirk Luxx Control Air-Epic

Discover the Selkirk Luxx Control Air: the ultimate control paddle, masterfully crafted for the strategic pickleball player. Endorsed by Jack Sock and featuring cutting-edge Florek Carbon Fiber technology, this paddle is a breakthrough in precision play. Designed to expand your sweet spot and enhance your spin, the Luxx Control Air combines Selkirk’s innovative 20mm X7 Thikset Honeycomb core and Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless technology. It’s not just a paddle,

it’s your key to dominating the court with unparalleled control and finesse. Embrace the power of strategic play and elevate your game with the Luxx Control Air, the answer to the pickleball community’s call for a paddle that perfectly balances power and precision.


  • Advanced Material Composition: The Luxx Control Air’s Florek Carbon Fiber construction offers exceptional control and added power, making it ideal for players who value precision in their shots.
  • Optimized Core Design: Featuring the innovative 20mm X7 Thikset honeycomb core, this paddle provides an enhanced sweet spot and consistent feel, allowing for more power and control in each stroke.
  • Dynamic Control Features: The Air Dynamic Throat and ThroatFlex design maximize airflow and flex upon ball contact, extending dwell time and enhancing power play, which translates to smoother, more controlled gameplay.
  • Superior Spin and Consistency: The ProSpin+ NextGen Micro Texture technology ensures a durable spin surface, offering unparalleled consistency and precision in controlling the ball.


  • Complex Technology for Beginners: The advanced features and technologies may be overwhelming for beginners or casual players, making it less suitable for those new to pickleball.
  • Weight Consideration: While FlexFoam Perimeter technology adds durability and enlarges the sweet spot, it also adds weight to the paddle, which might not be ideal for players preferring lighter paddles.
  • Price Point: As a high-end paddle with advanced features, the Luxx Control Air may come at a premium price, potentially placing it out of reach for players on a tight budget.

Selkirk Amped – S2

Step onto the court with the Selkirk Amped S2, a game-changer for those who seek to dominate every match. This paddle is a powerhouse, designed for players who demand a perfect blend of power, control, and precision. With its Polypropylene X5 Core Technology and FiberFlex fiberglass surface, the Amped S2 offers unmatched responsiveness and maneuverability, putting you in command of every shot. Its expanded sweet spot, the largest in the industry, ensures that your strikes are consistently powerful and precise.

The S2, a creation born from the genius of US Open Silver Medalist Tony Tollenaar, breaks the mold with its standard shape yet boasts the largest surface area among Selkirk’s offerings. Its unique design, with a shorter handle, maximizes the face of the paddle, giving you an edge in power and control. This paddle isn’t just a tool; it’s a statement for the hardcore pickleball player who values consistency in their game. If you’re ready to make every shot count and elevate your play, the Selkirk Amped S2 is your ally on the court


  • Optimized Sweet Spot: The S2 features the largest sweet spot among Selkirk paddles, enhancing power and ensuring consistent performance with every shot.
  • Balanced Design: Combines traditional shape with an extra-large surface area and a shorter handle, offering players exceptional control and maneuverability on the court.
  • Advanced Edge Guard: The EdgeSentry™ technology provides a low-profile, lightweight, and durable edge guard, contributing to a well-balanced and solid paddle feel.
  • Superior Surface Technology: FiberFlex™ fiberglass technology on the paddle’s surface enhances control and enables better spin, aiding players in
  • executing precise shots.


  • Handle Length: Players accustomed to longer handles may find the shorter handle of the S2 less comfortable or harder to adjust to, especially for two-handed shots.
  • Power vs. Control Trade-off: While the large sweet spot offers great power, some players might feel it compromises a bit on pinpoint accuracy, especially in delicate shots.
  • Weight Distribution: The paddle’s balance, while advantageous for control, might not suit players who prefer a head-heavy paddle for more aggressive play.

Selkirk Lab Project 006

Discover the cutting-edge Selkirk Lab Project 006, a pinnacle of pickleball technology designed for tour and tennis players. This advanced paddle features groundbreaking MicroSpin Raw 12k Carbon Fiber and Omni-Tech Multi-Layer Carbon Fiber Face, setting a new standard in the sport. With its aerodynamic Tour shape and optimal balance of weight, the Project 006 delivers exceptional control, spin, and power, catering to the elite player’s need for precision and performance. Embrace the future of pickleball with the Selkirk Lab Project 006 – a game-changer in every sense.


  • Advanced Carbon Fiber Technology: The patent-pending MicroSpin Raw 12k Carbon Fiber Texture enhances ball contact, offering unmatched spin control, making it ideal for players who prioritize precision in their game.
  • Optimized for Professional Play: The new Tour Shape, specifically designed for tour and tennis players, offers a more aerodynamic design with a longer handle, perfect for powerful two-handed backhands.
  • Superior Sweet Spot: The Omni-Tech Multi-Layer Carbon Fiber Face creates a large and responsive sweet spot, providing consistent performance across the paddle’s surface.
  • Enhanced Stability and Control: The X5+ 16mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core and CMG Anti-Torque Technology ensure stability and control, offering a smooth and controlled playing experience.


  • Complex for Casual Players: The advanced features and professional design may be overwhelming for casual or beginner players.
  • Weight Factor: The balanced weight, while optimal for some, might be heavier than preferred for players used to lighter paddles.
  • Price Point: As a high-end, technologically advanced paddle, the Project 006 may come at a premium price, potentially being less accessible for players with budget constraints.

Analyzing Selkirk Paddle Features

When you step onto a pickleball court with a Selkirk paddle in hand, you’re not just carrying a piece of equipment; you’re wielding a marvel of modern technology and design. Selkirk has etched its name in the pickleball world not by chance, but through relentless innovation and a deep understanding of what players, both novices and pros, truly need. In this segment, we’re going to delve into the nitty-gritty of what sets Selkirk paddles apart from the rest.

Material and Design Innovations

Selkirk’s approach to paddle design is a fusion of art and science. The paddle face, crafted from Florek carbon fiber, isn’t just about sleek looks; it’s a testament to strength and endurance. Imagine a paddle that hardly flinches in the face of rigorous play – that’s the resilience Florek carbon fiber brings. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The core of the paddle, made of FiberFlex, strikes a harmonious balance between power and control. It’s like having the best of both worlds in your grip. And then there’s the T700 raw carbon – the backbone of the paddle’s construction, ensuring that it withstands the tests of time and play.

Performance and Playability

The true measure of a Selkirk paddle lies in its performance and playability. Designed with a keen focus on power, control, spin, and that elusive sweet spot, these paddles are more than just equipment; they’re an extension of the player’s intent. The balance is meticulously calibrated, offering a blend of touch and pop that translates to speed and precision with every hit. The responsiveness and accuracy of Selkirk paddles are not just features; they’re commitments to every player who demands excellence in their game.

Comfort and Handling

Selkirk understands that comfort and handling are paramount. The grip of their paddles is designed not just for a secure hold, but for a seamless connection between player and paddle, ensuring confidence even in the most intense moments of play. The grip size and handle length cater to a wide array of hand sizes, embodying inclusivity in design. But there’s more – the shape, length, and weight of the paddle are thoughtfully crafted for maximum maneuverability, reducing vibration and shock. It’s about creating a paddle that feels like an extension of your body, intuitive and responsive, ready to translate your strategy into victorious gameplay.

Choosing the Right Selkirk Paddle

Selecting the perfect Selkirk paddle is a journey that intertwines with your pickleball aspirations and style. It’s not just about picking up any paddle; it’s about finding the one that resonates with your skill level, playing style, and budget. Let’s break down the key considerations to help you choose the Selkirk paddle that’s just right for you.

Paddle Selection for Different Skill Levels

Beginners: If you’re just stepping into the world of pickleball, your focus should be on a paddle that offers a balance of power and control. Look for a paddle that can aid in developing your finesse and touch on the court. A lightweight paddle can be a great ally in generating more speed and power in your shots, helping you to quickly climb the learning curve.

Advanced Players or Power Players: For the seasoned or aggressive player, the paddle needs change. You might lean towards an elongated shape paddle with an edgeless design for enhanced stability and power. A long handle and a wider paddle width can empower your game,

giving you the leverage and control you desire for those powerful shots. Tennis players transitioning to pickleball often prefer a paddle that mimics the feel of their tennis racket, providing a familiar touch and handling experience.

Considerations for Game Styles

Soft Game Enthusiasts: If your gameplay is characterized by soft shots, dinks, drops, and resets, then a paddle with an enlarged sweet spot and a standard shape is ideal. These paddles provide the finesse required for precise, strategic play, allowing you to execute your subtle game techniques with confidence.

Power Shot Players: For those who thrive on driving the ball and executing power shots, a heavier paddle with a smaller sweet spot could be the game-changer. This type of paddle amplifies your power, making your aggressive shots even more formidable.

Versatile Players: If your style includes a mix of various shots, opting for a paddle that strikes a balance between power and control is key. A paddle that offers good stability and a wide sweet spot can be your trusty sidekick, enabling you to effortlessly transition between different types of shots and strategies.

Value and Investment

Finally, the aspect of value and investment comes into play. Selkirk paddles offer a range of prices, typically from about $70 to over $250. The variance in price often reflects the quality, durability, and advanced features of the paddle. While a higher price point might suggest a superior paddle, it’s crucial to align your choice with your budget and the specific features and performance you are looking for. Remember, the best paddle is the one that fits your hand like a glove, syncs with your gameplay, and doesn’t break your bank.


Selkirk paddles represent more than just equipment; they are a fusion of innovation, design, and performance tailored to the diverse needs of pickleball players. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to refine your skills, an advanced player dominating the court, or anywhere in between, Selkirk offers a paddle to match your style and enhance your game. As we’ve explored the distinct features, pros, and cons of models like the Selkirk Luxx, Amped, and Project 006, and delved into considerations for different skill levels and playing styles, it’s clear that choosing the right Selkirk paddle is a crucial step in elevating your pickleball experience. So, as you make your selection, remember that the right paddle is not just a tool, but a partner in your journey towards pickleball excellence.