Best Pickleball Brands

Are you on the hunt for the best pickleball brands to elevate your game? Navigating the sea of options can be as daunting as facing a seasoned opponent on the court. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, the right gear is a game-changer.

It's a tale of more than just paddles; it's about finding your ally in the high-stakes world of pickleball. Key players like Selkirk, Paddletek, Onix, and Joola stand out in this epic. Each brand brings its own flavor to the game, with a commitment to quality, durability, and price that speaks volumes. They're not merely brands; they're your secret weapons, each offering a range of paddles tailored for different styles and skill levels.

Embark on this adventure to discover the perfect match for your pickleball prowess and watch as your game transforms from good to legendary. 

Top Pickleball Brands Overview

Selkirk Sports:

A family jewel in the pickleball crown, Selkirk has been pioneering paddle innovation since 2014. Known for their top-tier quality and resilience, their paddles are the Excaliburs of the pickleball world, catering to novices and virtuosos alike.


  •  Innovative Design: Selkirk is known for its pioneering technology in paddle design, offering advanced features for enhanced play.
  •  Wide Range: They cater to all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, with a diverse array of models.
  •  Durability: Their paddles are built to last, making them a reliable choice for frequent players.


  •  Price: Selkirk paddles tend to be on the pricier side, which might be a barrier for budget-conscious players. 
  •  Weight Variations: Some players find certain models to be heavier, affecting 
  •  Limited Availability: Due to high demand, certain models may be hard to find or out of stock.

Onix Sports

A name synonymous with high-performance, Onix is the Picasso of pickleball equipment. Their paddles, a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition, are beloved by beginners and veterans, making them a staple in the sport.


  •  Material Quality: Onix uses high-quality materials, ensuring durability and performance.
  •  Versatility: They offer a variety of paddles suitable for different playing conditions (indoor and outdoor).
  •  Control and Power: Onix paddles provide a good balance of control and power, appealing to a wide range of playing styles.


  •  Limited Beginner Options: Their focus on high-performance gear might limit options for beginners.
  •  Cost: Similar to Selkirk, Onix paddles can be expensive. 
  •  Weight: Some models may feel heavier, which could impact the play of those preferring lighter paddles.


With over half a century under its belt, Paddletek stands as a testament to enduring quality. Their paddles, a perfect symphony of control and power, are engineered to minimize vibration and maximize comfort, transforming each swing into a stroke of genius.



  •  Design Variety: Some players may find the designs less appealing compared to other brands.
  •  Price Range: While they offer some budget-friendly options, their best models are costly.. 
  •  Grip Size: Some players might find the grip sizes not as varied or customizable as other brands.


A titan in table tennis, Joola's leap into pickleball in 2022 was nothing short of a supernova. With a sponsorship of the world's top player, Ben Johns, they've brought their A-game, offering paddles that resonate with every skill level.


  •  Innovative Design: Joola, a brand renowned in table tennis, brings a fresh perspective to pickleball paddle design, incorporating innovative features that enhance gameplay.
  •  Quality Materials: They use high-quality materials in their paddles, ensuring durability and a good playing experience..
  •  Versatility: Joola offers paddles that are suitable for a wide range of players, from beginners to advanced, accommodating different playing styles with ease.


  •  Limited Pickleball Focus: Being newer to pickleball, Joola's range in pickleball paddles might not be as extensive or specialized as brands that are solely focused on pickleball.
  •  Brand Transition: As Joola transitions from table tennis to pickleball, there may be a learning curve in understanding the specific needs and preferences of pickleball players.
  •  Price Point: Some of their paddles might be priced higher, especially for those looking for budget-friendly options, as they try to position themselves as a premium brand in the pickleball market.

Engage Pickleball:

The new kid on the block, Engage Pickleball, is quickly becoming the dark horse of the industry. Their paddles, a testament to quality and innovation, are designed to uplift your game, offering exceptional control and a touch that feels just right 


  • Spin and Control: Engage paddles are excellent for players looking to maximize spin and control.
  • Quality Construction: Their paddles are well-constructed and durable.
  •  Innovative Technology: Engage incorporates new technologies into their paddle designs for improved performance.


  •  Price: Engage paddles can be on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  •  Weight Distribution: Some models might have weight distribution that doesn't suit all playing styles.
  •  Limited Beginner-Friendly Options: Their focus is more on intermediate to advanced players.

Quality and Materials

When venturing into the world of pickleball, the quality and materials of your paddle aren't just details – they're the essence of the game. Let's dive into the factors that will guide your quest for the ultimate pickleball brand.

Durability Factors

The longevity and performance of your paddle hinge on its durability. Seek out paddles crafted from materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass, or composites. These are the superheroes of the pickleball world, offering unmatched strength and endurance, ideal for those power-packed plays.

Don't overlook the edge guard – your paddle's shield. A robust edge guard, made from materials such as rubber or polypropylene, safeguards the paddle's edges against the wear and tear of the court, ensuring your weapon stays battle-ready.

Paddle Composition

The very soul of your paddle lies in its composition, a critical factor influencing power, control, and spin. Here's a brief overview:

Wood: The starting point for many, wooden paddles are budget-friendly and simple, yet they lack the durability and sophistication in power and control of their more advanced counterparts.

Composite: A favorite among the intermediate and advanced warriors of pickleball, composite paddles are a blend of materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber. These paddles strike a balance between durability and performance, available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit diverse battle styles.

Graphite: For those who dance on the court with finesse and precision, graphite paddles are your featherweight champions. Offering superb control and spin, they are light as air but come with a higher price tag and a delicacy that demands careful handling.

In your quest for the perfect pickleball brand, weigh these durability factors and paddle compositions. Choose a material that echoes your style of play. The right paddle doesn't just improve your game; it transforms your experience, ensuring every strike, every play, every game is a step towards pickleball mastery. 

Performance Gear

In the realm of pickleball, having the right performance gear is akin to a knight gearing up for battle. Let's dive into the top brands that arm you for victory.

Professional Choices

For the pros, Onix Sports stands tall. Revered for their top-notch materials and groundbreaking designs, they're a go-to for serious players. Their Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball, a darling for outdoor play, boasts a heftier build and smaller holes, tailored to keep the ball straight in windy conditions, all while maintaining that essential pickleball bounce. Onix's indoor arsenal includes gems like the Graphite Z5 and Evoke Premier, each a masterpiece of pickleball engineering.

Selkirk Sport is another titan in professional gear. Their paddles, synonymous with precision and control, cater to a spectrum of skill levels. The Amped series is a crowd-pleaser among advanced players, offering a more generous sweet spot and amplified power. Beyond paddles, Selkirk's repertoire extends to accessories, including stylish bags and apparel.

Amateur Favorites

For the budding pickleball enthusiast or those mindful of budget, the choices are abundant. Engage Pickleball resonates with amateur players, offering paddles for various playstyles. The Encore line is a hit among beginners, featuring a lightweight design and a forgiving sweet spot. Engage's range isn't just limited to paddles; they also offer an array of accessories.

ProLite Sports is another popular choice among amateur players. Known for their balance of durability and affordability, ProLite paddles cater to various skill levels. The Titan Pro, a favorite among intermediates, boasts a larger sweet spot and elevated power. ProLite also complements their paddles with a selection of accessories.

Price and Value

When scouting for pickleball equipment, balancing price and value is crucial. Here's a guide to making the most of your investment:

Budget-Friendly Picks

  • Amazin' Aces: Ideal for beginners or casual players, this brand offers affordable paddles that are lightweight and user-friendly.
  • Paddletek: While renowned for high-end paddles, Paddletek also caters to budget-conscious players with their Element series.
  • Onix: Catering to various budgets, Onix's Graphite Z5 is a hit among those seeking a good mix of power and control without a hefty price tag.

Premium Selections

  • Selkirk: A market leader, their AMPED series is crafted for advanced players seeking the pinnacle of power and control.
  • Engage: For those aiming high, Engage's Elite Pro series offers paddles designed for maximum spin and control.
  • Joola: Bringing their table tennis expertise to pickleball, Joola offers high-quality paddles known for innovative design and playability, perfect for competitive and enthusiastic players.

No matter your budget, there's a pickleball brand out there for you. From beginners to pros, these brands offer great value, ensuring your investment translates into an unbeatable game. 


The world of pickleball offers a diverse array of brands, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether you're a seasoned pro seeking a paddle with precision and power or a beginner looking for a forgiving and budget-friendly option, there's a brand out there tailored to your needs. Brands like Selkirk, Onix, Paddletek, Joola, and Engage have distinguished themselves in the market, offering a range of products that cater to different playing styles, preferences, and skill levels. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and player satisfaction has set a high standard in the pickleball community, ensuring that players have access to the best equipment for their game.

Choosing the right pickleball brand and gear is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your performance on the court. It's about finding the perfect harmony between comfort, control, durability, and style. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, these top brands are sure to evolve, bringing even more advanced and specialized equipment to enhance your pickleball experience. Remember, the right paddle is not just a tool; it's a partner in your pickleball journey, a key to unlocking your full potential and enjoying the game to its fullest.